Nimra, The Lively Girl Who Went Viral Is Back With Another Chirpy interview & It’s Equally Fun!

A few days back Nimra, known as the happy and lively girl from Lahore, went viral for being her happy self and people couldn’t help but want more of her!

And today Nimra is back with yet another super charged interview where we also get to see her singing!

She is an inspiration to many:

And people were living for her energy!

People were in awe of her:

She reminded people of the natt khatt girls back in PTV dramas:

Lol, we hope pata bhi na chalay:


People couldn’t get over the cuteness!

People loved her singing:

We know right?

True 😂

People loved how genuine she was:




Needless to say people loved her!



However some people found her energy to be fake:

What do you think about Nimra and her lively personality? Let us know in the comments below!

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