A scene from Ehd-eWafa gave this girl the confidence to share her story with the world and it is inspirational!

People have been loving Ehd-e-Wafa ever since it aired, however, one scene, in particular, has been getting a lot of love!

This is the scene where Gulzar was introducing himself but couldn’t remember the word for a dehaaridar mazdoor, and after he was told to introduce himself in Urdu, he spoke with utter confidence! And this very scene had a girl named Rida in tears:

This very scene hit close to home and gave her the courage to share her story, to introduce herself the way it should have been:

She continued to share how proud she was to be the first doctor in the family and it was all because of her parents:

Rida then continued to share how proud she was to have a father who always encouraged her to study:

And how the incident of her father losing his thumb became her biggest motivation:

She then revealed how this was the first time in 21 years that she had the guts to share this:

And how proud she was of her parents and the life they’ve lived:

And how her parents too were just as proud of her:

The thread went viral on twitter and people were in awe of her and her parents:

We can bet they are:

For anyone who needs to hear this, hear!

People found it to be heartwarming:

People were praising her parents:

People were proud of her!

Many sent their prayers Rida’s way:

Others could relate:

They’re everything!


It changed the perception of some:

May Allah bless our parents:

This is the impact that strong and supportive dramas can have on the society. More power to you Rida, you’ve made us all proud today!

Isn’t this the best thing you’ve seen all day today? Let us know in the comments below!

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