Ruswai is the drama we all need to be watching!

If there’s one drama that has us stunned with its heart wrenching story line, it’s Ruswai. Ruswai tells the gruesome tale of a rape victim and each and every member of the cast has had us blown away with their acting.

Starting with Sana Javed who plays Sameera, we cannot praise her enough for how brilliantly she’s played the role of a strong lead who is shattered by tragedy. This is probably one of the best roles that Sana Javed has executed till date and within just 5 episodes, she has everyone admitting that she’s one of the best artists in the industry right now.

When it comes to the rest of the cast, they’re no less. Sameera’s father played by Muhammad Ahmed to absolute perfection. The younger sister played by Natalia Awais is spot on, she stole the show with disbelief and trauma of her own when she saw her sister come back. Osama Tahir’s silent but very strong reaction, Simi Raheel being the ever so protective mother and Mikaal Zulfiqar being the conflicted husband to the helpless Sameera. As viewers we felt every emotion in the latest episode, from the heart break to frustration to the helplessness and the realness of it all.

And the drama just didn’t have us blown but everyone who watched it was moved to tears after the latest episode:

It certainly did!

That’s the scariest part, the reality of the situation:

The audience was reduced to tears, including us!

People were now realizing how the society deals with such cases:

It gave us chills too!

People were all praise for Sana Javed and her brilliance:

Sana Javed even made new fans:

It hit everyone right in the feels:

It had people praying for everyone’s safety:

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  1. I started watching Ruswai thinking it was going to be about woman empowerment but I’m very disappointed. I’m on episode 17, sameera is not a strong character she’s an oppressed woman like Pakistani dramas always show. When are they going to show strong female characters?

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