A pair of earrings divided amongst 2 best friends Kiran & Noori during partition now waiting to reunite


The partition between India and Pakistan was not an easy one, it was not just a partition of land but that of people. As the tedious process was taking place, thousands of hearts were left broken, some lost their loved ones during the struggle and some had to leave their loved ones to migrate. And one of those tales happens to be that of Kiran and Noori.


In a thread on twitter, Indian historian and author Aanchal Malhotra shared a story of her student Nupur, whose grand mother Kiran, still sits in hopes of finding her long lost best friend who she lost during the partition in 1947.


Kiran Bala Mawrah and her friend Noori Rehman hailed from the same neighborhood in Jammu and Kashmir:


During the partition Noori’s family decided to migrate, heartbroken, the two very young friends decided to divide a pair of gold earrings as a symbol of their everlasting friendship:


It was only until 7 decades later that Nupur’s grandmother took out the earring that she had held onto in hopes of it being reunited:


Kiran also confessed how that very friend inspired her grand daughter’s name and how she’d often call her Noori:


Ending the thread in hopes of finding the long lost Noori, Aanchal is on a mission to reunite the two friends and the pair of earrings they divided:


The heartwarming tale of two young friends divided by partition still awaits it happy ending and we hope Kiran and Noori are reunited. People all over social media have been sharing the story with their families trying to help finding Noori.


People were sharing stories of how they helped friends who separated at the time of partition:


People were praying that the two reunite:


People were moved by the story:




People shared how the people who were separated missed each other more than anything:


People were also sharing how back in the days, people helped each other despite the different religious beliefs:


We do too!


So if you know a Noori Rehman or have heard of a similar story via a friend or a colleague, get in touch because the 2 gems have been too far for way too long. Let’s help finding Noori Rehman!

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