A fake account tweeted misinformation about Mira Sethi & Ali Sethi, and Najam Sethi & Zartaj Gul can’t stop throwing shade at each other!

With social media being at the tip of your fingers, it’s very easy to create a fake account and start tweeting nonsense. Someone with a fake account of Zartaj Gul Wazir, tweeted out a picture of Mira Sethi from her wedding where her brother Ali Sethi was kissing her on the cheek:

The tweet was an attack of Mira and Najam Sethi. And people, who also thought this was a legit account, came to defend Mira:

Najam Sethi too thought this was Zartaj’s real account:

And that’s when the real Zartaj Gul Wazir took notice of Najam Sethi’s tweet, shots were fired!

Zartaj further continued to tweet that she doesn’t care about him or his daughter and whatever goes on in their life:

Zartaj also demanded that Najam Sethi apologizes for wrongly accusing her and the internet was going crazy over the drama!

Some suggested she gets her account verified:

Some wanted her to do something about fake accounts:

Many wanted her to actually do something rather than being on her phone:

People were quoting Najam Sethi on replying to a fake account:

People had all sorts of things to say:

Many were finding his reply savage:

Some had questions:

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