15 Things we’ve all done at school that this generation won’t relate to!

I’m gonna say it once and for all, nothing comes close to the time spent in school and today we’re taking you back to the good old school days with things that we’ve all done at some point in life!

1. Mini convos at the dustbin

We’ve all went to the dustbin during class to sharpen our pencils for a mini little conversation with a friend sitting far away!

2. Copied homework

I mean, who hasn’t done that? Homework, missed classwork and even assignments, some of us have copied it all!

3. Had the teacher upset

We’ve all heard the teachers tell us that we’ve been the worst batch of their lives, THEY LIED!

4. Fallen for the ‘school is haunted’ trap

We’ve all heard the same story about our schools, that it’s haunted and built on a graveyard, LOL 😂

5. Murdered our erasers

Were you even a student if you haven’t poked several holes in your rubber with your pencil?

6. Exchanged pencil boxes

Nuh uh, you weren’t really best friends until you changed your pencil box and stationary with your friend for a day.

7. Actually forgetting your homework

We’ve all forgotten the homework we actually did once in our school life. And it’s sad because the teacher always thinks we’re lying 🙄

8. Turned your homework diary into a telephone directory

If you’re from the 90s and before that, we bet the last few pages of your homework diary were full of PTCL numbers of your class!

9. Puggam

Remember when the entire class used to do puggam to decide who was the one to catch others? Good days!

10. Played random games during PE period

While some might actually be playing cricket and basketball, most of us spent our PE periods playing khho khho, baraf pani, chocolate chocolate and oonch neech.

11. Taken out the love percentage

Calculating how much your hard core 6th grade crush loves you back without them knowing was an extreme sports back then!

12. Holding a one dish party during break!

A day no one would skip school was when everyone would bring something special from home for a party!

13. Exchanging lunch boxes with your friends

Koi roz Maggie se tang aur koi roz fries and sandwich se tang, jo maza dusron ka lunch khaanay mei ata tha, woh apne lunch mei kahan!

14. Tearing off your fake skin!

We’ve all put UHU and pretended to rip it like actual skin!

15. Passing chits!

Back in the day with no Whatsapp we had our own Whatsapp convos with messages being passed around on chits! And some days the chits would be passed around the entire class with their tiny little replies!

What do you miss the most about school? Let us know in the comments below!

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