9 things you should know about the Aquarius in your life

It’s Aquarius season and all our eccentric, quirky Aquarius folks have some time in the spotlight. This air sign has certain traits specific to it, and you’ll be surprised by how accurately you can identify an Aquarius individual around you. 

For starters, Aquarius folks are revolutionary thinkers 

What you’re thinking of doing is probably something they’ve already put into motion. They carry out their plans because they want things to happen. And you can definitely count on their planning to be airtight. 

They’re rebels (with or without a cause) 

Because they’re so free-spirited, they don’t conform to the way people think or behave. They know their values and very rarely do they allow someone to have a peek into that value system. 

Aquarius folks tend to be a bit obstinate 

Look, when they know what they want, or have their eyes set on a goal, they don’t back down. That’s just not them. Their knowledge is always sound, and arguing with them is impossible because they will shut you down with facts. Good luck trying to change their minds about anything. 

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They thrive within their own space 

You can’t crowd an Aquarius. You have to give them that breathing space where their creative juices start flowing. Suffocating them in any way is a grave mistake. 

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They like being challenged 

Even though they’re obstinate, they like to be with people who give reality checks to keep them grounded when necessary. They also like a bit of drama every now and then and it’s best to stay prepared for the occasional showdown. 

They might have trouble committing to people 

Here’s the thing. They’ll throw themselves into work or academics, but when it comes to connecting with someone or committing to them for a relationship, they’d rather take their sweet time. It’s definitely not easy to break through the walls they’ve created, but once you do, it might just be worth it. 

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Freedom, to them, is everything 

You can’t cage an Aquarius in any way. They can’t bear to be controlled. They must have the upper hand and the power in all situations. 

They’re cause-oriented

Creating their own company is a passion point. They’re into computer programming, teaching, team sports, and independent films. They’re creative in a different way, but they know how to channel that creativity with logistics by their side.


They love to travel

Traveling brings them joy, and they love to experience new things. Adventure is everything to them, and they love to have stories to tell.


There’s plenty more to know about the Aquarius in your life, but these are the key things to remember. This energetic air sign is definitely one of the more “out-there” zodiac signs, but knowing them is worth it.

Do you know an Aquarius? Let us know what we missed in the comments below.


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  1. Wow! Just wow. I am also an aquarius and this post felt like a mirror. As if now I know myself better.
    #Aquarius #Proud

  2. Aquauarians never share even they throw out to the road.They will come back to any situation.More will power.

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