8 Short Films & Series We Recommend You To Watch Immediately!

If you don’t have the patience to keep up with long dramas, we’ve got you covered with a list of short films and web-series that’ll blow you away. Here are 8 short films and series that will blow you away with their fresh content and storylines, no spoilers: we promise!

1. Ayesha

A story of a housewife who decides to follow her dream without caring about the society, but will she succeed?

2. Nanu Aur Main

A bitter sweet tale of a young girl missing her grandfather. The story is so emotional, it’ll leave you teary eyed for your grandparents when you’ll realise that they’re growing old and frail.

3. Bridge

Prepare to be shook watching a bride trying to die and a man trying to stop her!

4. Paying Guest

A story full of suspense right from the beginning, keep watching it and you’ll be shocked to see the plot twist!

5. Ammi Jaan

A take so interesting on life after death, you don’t want to skip this!

6. Article 370

An article that changed the lives of people in Kashmir forever, a must watch!

7. Champa Chambeli

One of the finest from the lot where a catfishing affair turns into impeccable friendship!

8. Positive

How a positive test almost breaks apart a healthy marriage in the times of corona, living for the plot twist at the end!

What short film are you most excited to watch? Let us know in the comments below!

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