Aitebaar or Ankhon Ko Ankhon Ne: The Best Pop Song To Date & The Debate Is On!

Junaid Jamshed is a name that’ll always hold a special place in our heart, from being one of the greatest singers the country has seen to his spiritual journey and beautiful naats, he’s an icon.

And today people are looking back at his song Ankhon Ko Ankhon Ne and are calling it the peak of Pakistani pop music in comparison to Aitebaar:

A few days back George Fulton tweeted how he thinks Aitebaar is the greatest pop song:

And the netizens are here to settle the debate once and for all!

People were sharing how the violin aspect of the song is so vastly underrated:

Every instrument was spot on:

Aptly said!


People were sharing their favourite lyrics:

People could literally find zero faults within the song:

People were calling it the best tweet they’d seen all day:


People were calling it a masterpiece:



Many termed Us Raah Per as his best song:

With so many of his songs to choose from, many found it hard to pick just one:

Do you agree that Ankhon Ko Ankhon Ne is the best Pakistani pop song? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. No I dont. Yes, the violin and tabla at the start are to die for. The tune is out of this world but aitebar, contextually hasa depth that the other does not. Aitebar is not just a song, its a truth or philosophy of life. The softness, simplicity of the melody goes perfecgly with the beautiful lyrics to portray every individuals yearning for trust, direction and purpose. The depth of the meaning is apparent not only in the muaic and lyrics but also the vocals.
    Aitebar is right at the top, with several others coming in close. Us rah par (I believe his journey of self discovery), Tum door thay (brilliant, brooding and relatable), Musafir, Ye sham (again pure brilliance), Ankhon ko ankhon, Tere liyay (simple yet heart warmingly sweet) and many more.
    There is no matching aitebaar’s relatability and its sheer power ( hidden behind a simple tune) to touch hearts.

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