8 Good Looking Male TikTokers Who Should Get Into Acting!

Despite TikTok creating a polarising effect amongst the users of social media, many have agreed to the fact that it has brought people the power of self-expression and creativity like never before. Almost everyone and anyone is a part of the super popular app today, and some, actually have used it to prove their acting prowess.

From dramatic skills to entertaining us with a kaleidoscope of emotions, there are a few actors on the app that we believe are giving a positive side to the notorious app!

Who are they and what sets them apart from the rest? Diva has the lowdown…


Asad Ali

One of the popular stars of TikTok with 1.6M followers, Asad Ali’s a tall and well dressed guy, who knows how to keep everyone entertained!

Check him out on his Instagram here.


Saad Khan Tareen 

This one’s super cute! A Kashmiri guy with a smile that’s surely enticing, Saad Khan Tareen is known for his striking resemblance with Bilal Abbas!

Check him out on his Instagram here.


Zohan Khan

Zohan Khan knows he’s a charmer and he knows it well! His eyes and his looks make him a real treat on the app!

Check him out on his Instagram here.


Pir Ahmed

A guy with looks that already make us think he should get into modelling, Pir Ahmed has 1.1 million followers, and is perhaps the only Tiktok account in the million range which is verified in Pakistan.

Check him out on his Instagram here.


Waqar Bhinder 

A real son of the heartland, Waqar Bhinder is definitely a true blue farmer from Kartrapur! He makes videos that reflects the life of a villager, and he makes it look oh-so-good!

Check him out on his instagram here.

Adil Khan

A TikToker who rightly struts his boy-next-door looks, Adil Khan is one guy who we think will make it big soon! He has a cute look to him, and that as well know, works like crazy on the app!

Check him out on his Instagram here


Umer Fayyaz Butt

A super popular TikToker with looks to back it, Umer Fayyaz Butt has 2.3M followers on the app. He makes fun videos with the biggest Tiktok stars from Pakistan, including Jannat Mirza!

Check him out on his Instagram here.


Mian Shafay

An athlete, who sure knows how to entertain us with his funny videos and his chiseled looks, Mian Shafay is definitely a rising star of the app!  

Check him out on his Instagram here.

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