This Guy Called Karachi ‘Islamabad With A Sea’ & People Aren’t Having It!

If there’s one thing that’ll never end on twitter, it’s the city wars between the Pakistanis!

A guy on twitter quoted a little something from the book ‘Karachi Youre Killing Me,’ comparing Karachi to Islamabad:

And it has the tweeple triggered!

Some thought it was a disgrace to Islamabad:

People were indecisive:

Some reminded him of the things he was missing:

Some thought it was an insult to Karachi:


Some took a dig at Karachi:


Many thought Karachi deserved better:

Some thought there was no comparison between the two cities:


Some found Karachi comparable to Pindi:

Some straight up called it blasphemy!

Okay there!

Even the Karachiites disagreed:

Jo baat hai:


People were just not having it!

From a book!


People threw shade at him:

You decide!

And while others took the tweet as a personal opinion, some were dumb founded at the literacy rate:

What do you think about this comparison? Let us know in the comments below!

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