5 Reasons Why Shehzad Roy Has Proven to Be Pakistan’s Favourite Music Icon!

Celebs may come and go, but legendary stars stay in our minds etched forever. They create history with their actions and for time immemorial, turn into iconic names for years to come. Be it due to their contribution to the industry or towards society, they are the names to be proud of!

But, who exactly has achieved this status in today’s entertain industry in Pakistan? Well, no one other than Shehzad Roy, of course!

From his philanthropic work to his brilliant musical collaborations, he’s done it all with utmost finesse, and that’s why he’s on the Diva radar today!

What do we love about him the most? Here’s the lowdown…


His Viewpoints

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It’s an icon’s responsibility to lead a generation towards intelligent opinion-making along with challenging norms, and no one has done it better than Shehzad Roy. He has strived to make Pakistani’s think about what’s going on in the country, and be it issues of illiteracy or social discourse on Aurat March, he’s voiced his opinions everywhere for all the right reasons!


His Philanthropy

Rarely have Pakistani celebs gone not just a step beyond, but miles like Shehzad Roy has! His philanthropic work is legendary, and with what started as Zindagi Trust in 2002, has now extended into things like becoming a UN Goodwill Ambassador, getting a bill against child abuse passed in the Sindh Assembly, and becoming a shining name example of a Sitara-i-Imtiaz recipient!


His Songs

A few singers in Pakistan have been so relevant in more than just one generation, and Shehzad is one such example. His songs have traversed from the 90s into the new millennia, and has garnered popularity throughout! After all, who could ever forget iconic songs such as Teri Soorat or Laga Reh?


His Looks

You’ve got to be either the purest person ever or a vampire to remain looking as young as Shehzad does at age 41! He has managed to always look edgy and fresh despite crossing more than two decades in the industry, and we can’t help but love that. Talk about keeping it fresh, 24/7!


His Collaborations

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In the name of his philanthropic work and his love for creating new experiences, Shehzad has always collaborated with some of the biggest names from around the world. Be it his Guns N’ Roses collab concert in Los Angeles for his trust or his work with legends like Abida Parveen, he’s done it all, and done it so well!


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