5 Reasons We Love Nasr Khan’s NovaColor Italian Wall Texture

Nasr Khan is known for his groundbreaking art, unique vision, and pioneering abilities in the world of interior and architectural design. With his immense love for the creative realms he has perfected the scape for wall textures unlike any other in Pakistan. He has been the sole propritor of NovaColor Italian wall texture paint in the country and his work has been commended by several art collectors across the nation.

His distinguished vision to bring this fresh wall paint to South Asia is the reason why the business man is the reason his efforts must be acknowledged as he has worked on perfecting the craft for nearly three decades. Encapsulating the significance of Khans’ work in mere words wouldn’t do justice to his amazing creations so we had to break it down in to a list. Here are the top 5 reasons we love Nasr Khan’s Italian wall textures!

The Bridge Between Luxury and Art

Luxury and art are synonymous in creating a unique atmosphere unlike any other. Nasr Khan’s brilliant execution and understanding of the integral nature of this connection between luxurious living and artistic perspective is one of the central components behind the beauty which correlates so well in his designs. That is exactly why many people have fallen in love with his work which turns a space in to an immersive experience.


Made in Italy

Italian-derived materials and inspiration are a staple for value and quality and NovaColor has mastered providing the authentic Italian experience within all their designs. The Italian finish makes the paint last much longer than other wall paints plus the artistic nature of creations is based on making a space unique. Italian wall textures have earned praise from artisans world wide and there is no doubt that it is the best if you’re looking explore a more imaginative side to interiors.


Fine and sophisticated materials

The careful selection of high-quality materials and creativity to implement the complex design ideas sets apart Nasr Khan and Novacolor’s assortment of textured effects and polished plasters, for interiors and exteriors. The wall finishes are unmissable and leave a lasting effect on the beholder right after the first glance.


Rich Finishes

The unique versatile nature of Nasr Khans finishes provides modern or historical town settings depending on the required design which sets it apart the NovaColors assortment of textured designs from any other! Luxury in an instant is always guaranteed when it comes to to these finishes whether that be through colors like silver and gold or the meticulous decorative designs which are like a work of art on their own.


Unique Atmosphere

Each wall created by Nasr Khan’s NovaColor creates a unique atmosphere and enlivens ones imagination beyond the mundane. If you’ve always wanted to revamp your living space in a way where your guests will be in awe, NovaColor wall textures are the way to go!

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