5 Performances That Prove Bilal Abbas Khan Is In A League Of His Own!

From doing theatre plays at his school and making vines on Facebook to now being one of the most sought after actors from the current lot, Bilal Abbas Khan is what he is right now, purely because of his acting prowess!

And as the industry’s boy-next-door celebrates his birthday today, we’re here to remind you of his best performances that made us fall in love with him in the very first place!

1. O Rangreza

When we look back at ‘O Rangreza’ today, we can’t help but agree that no other actor could have played Qasim as well as Bilal did. The lovestruck rang wala who spends his days dying clothes at the local tailor’s is the essence of pure who is ardently in love with Sassi proves to be a hero like no other!

2. Qurban

With a plot exploring the theme of dual nikkah intelligently, you can’t help but praise Bilal Abbas Khan for a side that we loved seeing! Paired alongside Iqra Aziz, the drama is one heck of a roller coaster and surely not one to be missed!

3. Balaa

It’s very rare that you fall in love with a character whose as vengeful as Bilal’s Taimoor was in Balaa! It was a role that many would be hesitant to take that Bilal executed to perfection. One of the best dramas that 2018 had to offer!

4. Cheekh

It goes on without saying that Bilal’s role as Wajih in Cheekh is one that we love, love, LOVE to hate. Wajih’s, quick transition from the kind, soft-spoken guy to a heartless killer was something we really weren’t prepared for and it blew us away!

5. Pyar Ke Sadqay

With two back to back negative roles, it’s delightful to watch Bilal playing Abdullah in Pyar Ke Sadqay, it almost had us in disbelief that the same Wajih we love to hate, has us loving the naive and innocent Abdullah. From his body language to dialogue delivery to his naive persona, Abdullah the entire country wrapped around his pinky and rightly so!

His versatility speaks for itself, loud and clear! The actor will next be seen paired with Sana Javed for a modern thriller, and we’re excited! Are you?

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  1. Bilal surely is the finest actor we have in our industry. His acting skills, expressions and body language have made me go crazy over and over again. The way he portrays every single character is beyond words. He has proved himself and his skills so beautifully. Undoubtedly I can see perfection in HIM. His outstanding performance in Balaa made us all appreciate him and Cheekh right afterwards was one of his most powerful performance tho Wajih made us all love him to never-ending extent. He surely is the only villain I never hated. His dithai was pro level dithai. And now that pyar ke sadqay is on the lead, I see Abdullah winning hearts of all. He literally deserves all the love and appreciation he is getting after all being such versatile actor in every way demands much much more than this👏🌷

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