2019 Round-Up: 10 Pakistani Film Songs That Defined The Year

2019 is at its last stage as the days of December go by, and with that comes a great time to reflect on what the year has given us in terms of entertainment. Be it films or music, there’s been much to celebrate and ponder upon, and that’s exactly what we are set to do.

Exploring the top ten songs of the year, Diva looks at the songs that made 2019 memorable…

Raag Murli – Laal Kabootar

This year’s pathbreaking film, Laal Kabootar not only gave us a great thriller but also songs that were unique and interesting!


Title Song – Chhalawa

Although the film managed to do only a lukewarm business at the box office, its title song became all the rage thanks to its catchy tune!


Khilti Kali – Baaji

A modern rendition of the classic Runa Laila song, ‘Don’t Be Silly,’ Baaji’s version was alive and kicking thanks to Meera, Amna Ilyas and Osman Khalid Butt dancing to its thumping tunes.


Galli Galli – Wrong No. 2

A fun mix of traditional Punjabi Tappay and a fresh tune, Galli Galli managed to garner attention in this summer blockbuster.


Addi Maar – Heer Maan Ja

Despite the film failing to compete with the other two major productions that released with it, Heer Maan Jaa managed to stand its ground thanks to fun songs such as this one!


Haye Dil Bechara – Parey Hut Love

Perhaps the biggest chartbreaker of the year, Haye Dil Bechara is a sensation for this year, undoubtedly. There’s absolutely no one who can deny its popularity and that’s a fact!


Behka Na – Parey Hut Love

A pure love song, Behka Na was the perfect tune to listen to if you’re willing to fall deeply in love. It’s mellifluous and sweet, and something everyone would love.


Ghalat Fehmi – Superstar

One of the biggest hits Asim Azhar has ever producer, Superstar’s Ghalat Fehmi is an anthem for those who feel the pain of heartbreak and misunderstandings.


Noori – Superstar

A song with that classic Bollywood touch – owing to Sunidhi Chauhan, Noori has been one of the big hits of the year for all the right reasons!


Khabon Mein – Kaaf Kangana

Despite the film tanking majorly at the box office, the only good thing about the film was this risque item song by Neelam Munir which got the film some attention when it got none from anything else.


Have any song that you think should be on the list? Tell us in the comment section below!


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