15 things you shouldn’t do while in quarantine!

Quarantine has us doing all sorts of things we never thought we’d be doing, and while we approve of the most of the things you do, we’re here to remind you of the things you should NOT do!

1. Don’t go out!

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Can’t believe we’re saying this, but please DON’T GO OUT!

2. Don’t text your ex!

You have better things to do in life, go take a shower, and then take a nap!

3. Don’t leave mean comments on insta live sessions

Learn something from Hasnain Tariq.

4. Don’t get your homie to dress as a woman!

Saad ko Saad hi rehne dein, Saadia mat banayein!

5. Don’t try cutting your man’s hair

One word: don’t.

6. Don’t try giving yourself bangs

On the bright side, it’ll keep you home for the next few weeks, so…

7. Don’t forget your homies!

Missing my homies

Show this to your homiesClick here and pick from over 20 charities to donate funds for #COVID-19 relief: https://bit.ly/3adSvxp#SamnaCorona #StandTogether #COVID19

Posted by Teeli on Thursday, April 9, 2020

You gotta miss them everyday, EVERY FREAKING DAY!

8. Don’t take pictures while you help the needy

Trust us you can donate as much as you can even without posting it to social media, try it!

9. Don’t think about KFC or biryani or your favourite fast food!

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Me these days.

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Fast food toh milna nai hai, you’ll only end up making yourself miserable!

10. Don’t put out spoilers!

I mean seriously, STOP!

11. Don’t piss corona off!


Posted by Got Talent on Monday, April 6, 2020

Don’t underestimate corona guys, scientists all around the world aren’t just working day and night for you to combat corona with candles and thaalis.

12. Don’t leave them dishes hanging around!

At this point even God’s giving you the signal, DO YOUR DISHES FFS!

13. Don’t try being Gordan Ramsay

Umm, maybe stick to your strengths when it comes to cooking.

14. Don’t mess with your keyboard

Guys, please, leave your keyboards alone because you’ll end up like this for sure!

15. Don’t just sit around and snack all day!

Hahaha hatganen khalas

Posted by Aya El Tayeb on Saturday, April 4, 2020

Yeah, watching someone work out and imagining it’s you doing it doesn’t really work that well.

What is it that you’ve been shamelessly doing during quarantine? Let us know in the comments below!

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