Diva Jukebox: 10 Ahmed Rushdi Songs We Have Loved Through The Decades!

Pakistan has a treasure trove in the shape of its music heritage, and there’s never any doubt about that! Be it Lollywood’s rise or the pop industry that shaped a nation, there’s always been something amazing happening in the nation when it comes to music. However, amidst it all, if there’s one singer, who has mesmerised the nation the most and can never be forgotten, it’s Ahmed Rushdi!

Marking the singer’s 37th death anniversary, and his birth in the month of April, we look at what exactly made the singer such an amazing vocalist, and what film songs made his mark impeccably strong on the industry.

Which songs are our favourite? Diva has the lowdown…

Akele Na Jaana

A song that still has the power to make people emotional, this super hit from Armaan is one for the lovelorn!

Ko Ko Korina

Considered to be Pakistan’s first pop song, this is definitely for the history books!


Ae Abr-e-Karam

A romantic hit that just hits all the right notes, this is Ahmed Rushdi at his finest!


Haan Issi Mor Par

A super-duper chartbuster from Doraha, this is a song for the die-hard fans of the classic Lollywood narrative!


Kabhi Tou Tumko Yaad Ayengi

A song that hits all the right notes, this is definitely where Ahmed Rushdi proved the prowess of his vocals!

Bhooli Hui Hoon Dastaan

A favourite of Waheed Murad’s, this song is one for those who truly believed the magic an actor and singer can create together on celluloid.


Kuch Log Rooth Kar Bhi

A unique song in every way, this just is enough to melt the hearts of anyone who is upset from their loved ones!


Lag Rahi Hai Mujhey Aaj Sari Fiza

A song that made us fall in love with the duo of Rani and Waheed Murad, this will make you love the nostalgic factor of it all!


Dil Ko Jalana Humne

A song we can all relate to after a heartbreak or after realising the power of unrequited love, this is definitely one that can be considered an anthem!


Gudiya Japani

A song that showed a unique side to Ahmed Rushdi, this one’s definitely a hit to remember the singer happily by!


Which Ahmed Rushdi classic is your favourite? Tell us in the comment section below.



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