10 TV Roles Humayun Saeed Proved His Acting Excellence With!

Pakistani television has seen some great hits in the last two decades or so, and it is all due to the hard-working industry that has continued to be the backbone of the whole operation. However, amongst them all, if there is one superstar who has proven his prowess with a plethora of TV roles that fans have gone crazy over, it has to be Humayun Saeed!

Proving that he’s a megastar who has hooked the audiences with dramas that capture the essence of his acting skills, Humayun has been a television favourite since years!

Which roles truly defined his excellence? Diva has the lowdown…


Bin Roye

A unique love story that featured Mahira Khan alongside Humayun Saeed, Bin Roye had the fans being obsessed with the chemistry between Saba and Irtaza! It is also one of our favourite shows till date!


Dil Lagi

The Mehwish Hayat and Humayun Saeed chemistry is one that fans have loved the most, and it was perhaps the most enjoyed in the show, Dil Lagi. Humayun as Mohid was everyone’s favourite hero with a slight dark tinge to him, and it made for a superhit show.



A show from the start of the millennia, Mehndi was one of the most popular shows on TV before the channel boom hit us. The show featured Humayun as the lovable Shahzaib, and many fans loved his role in the show – albeit the ending did leave us teary-eyed.


Meray Paas Tum Ho

The latest TV sensation that aided Humayun’s continuous reign on our television sets, Meray Paas Tum Ho alongside Adnan Siddiqui and Ayeza Khan is nothing short of a mega-hit! Who didn’t love Danish, right?



A show many people loved due to the unique pairings seen, Doraha was probably one of the most interesting shows to feature Humayun Saeed. He plays the role of Umer in the show, and we have to say, he was just someone you couldn’t stop watching!



A role and a show that many would consider to be difficult to do, Kaafir had to be one of Humayun’s strongest performances. The actor plays the role of Shahan – a non-believer, in the drama, and it has some gripping scenes we won’t forget any time soon!


Saat Asmaanon Talay

Humayun Saeed is one of the few actors to delve into telefilms as much as into TV and cinematic films, and he has proven his mettle time and again with it. His role in the long play aka telefilm, Saat Asmaanon Talay was one that made us question a lot of things in life!


One from the initial years of his career, Humayun’s role in the long play Zeher is one of the most memorable for his fans. Watch the telefilm if you haven’t yet, and we bet you’re still going to love it!



A show exploring the dark underbelly of the country via the narrative of human trafficking, Riyasat still remains a show people remember for its strong story and acting. Humayun was seen as Ahmed Nawaz in the show, and his brilliance in the show was proven through the gripping story that unfolds around him!


Ab Tum Jaa Saktay Ho 

Yet another long play that became a superhit thanks to Humayun’s acting excellence, Ab Tum Jaa Saktay Ho was one of the most loved telefilms of the 1990s. It featured Humayun as Shoukat, and the long play became one of his first projects to win an accolade for him!


Which Humayun Saeed role is your favourite? Tell us in the comment section below.


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