10 Pakistani dance numbers that made the cinegoers groove!

While we all know that Pakistani music has a class of its own, which really can’t be compared to the contemporaries in the region, our cinematic music and songs have also come to par with global standards in the last decade.

There’s the right amount of groove, the right beats and of course, just a tinge of masala that makes the cinegoers thump to the rhythm in and out of the cinema!

Which songs are we exactly talking about? We have the lowdown…

1. Billo Hai

This fast number from Parchi featuring Hareem Farooq and Ali Rehman Khan was a dream come true for anyone who loves those Punjabi beats! It’s all about dance with Billo Hai!


2. Lahore Lahore Tey

If you love yourself a modern rendition to a classic, you’d love Lahore Lahore Tey from Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 2. It makes for a perfect Mehendi song, and if nothing else, it’s great to dance and move your body to even if you’re alone!


3. 24/7 Lak

A song that many people didn’t truly like in the beginning, Punjab Nahi Jaungi’s 24/7 Lak is really a song that grows on you! It has a catchy tune and even catchier lyrics that you won’t forget soon.


4. Fair & Lovely ka Jalwa

Although the song is one blatant commercial for the fairness cream it mentions in its lyrics, Fair & Lovely from Jawani Phir Nahi Ani 1 has a fun tune that was enough to make everyone groove to it and forget what the song actually is about!


5. Tutti Frutti

While we’re still trying to wrap our minds around where the song is taking place in the film Karachi Se Lahore, Ayesha Omar’s song Tutti Frutti was enough to make you forget everything and just shake your head to the beat while watching the film!


6. Kalabaaz Dil

Probably a song which you’d probably remember more than the film itself, Saba Qamar’s Kalabaaz Dil in Lahore Se Aagey was a perfect mix of masala and groove that had the cinegoers truly grooving.

7. Kaif O Suroor

Marking Sadaf Kanwal’s dance debut on the big screen, Na Maloom Afraad 2’s Kaif O Suroor featured the top model in some sizzling belly dancing moves and suffice to say, no one could take their eyes off of her!

8. Billi

A true catchy tune in all its regards, Mehwish Hayat’s Billi from Na Maloom Afraad 1 paved the way for fast dance numbers in contemporary Pakistani cinema. It has a catchy tune which we’re sure you’re humming to if you’re reading this!

9. Item Number

Although the film remained mired in controversy due to the allegations that had come about, Maya Ali and Ali Zafar’s Item Number from Teefa in Trouble still proved to be a song that everyone loved. It just has the perfect beats to it to make you dance when you hear it!


10.Gangster Guriya

The latest addition to the sizzling list of dance numbers Mehwish Hayat has performed, Baaji’s Gangster Guriya is all about tantalising beats and equally palpable dance moves that make this song a wonder to watch!

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