10 Beauty Procedures No One Does Better Than Dr. Nabeel Asghar At The Skin Oasis Lahore!

There’s never anything wrong in wanting to bring the best side of you out, and sometimes it is only possible through cosmetic procedures which just help enhance our beauty. That’s why, gone are the days of stigmatising those who want to look better, and here’s the best time to glow it out!

But, who out of all the names are some that we trust wholeheartedly? Well, on the top of our list in Lahore, we believe no one beats Dr. Nabeel Asghar Chaudhry at the Skin Oasis clinic!

What procedures does he perform that we think no one else can do better than him? Diva has the lowdown…



There could be nothing better than a bit of Botox to get your face plumped up again!



We all have those nasty lines around our face that we wish could disappear! Well, here’s that magic which you need!


Skin Brightening

There’s nothing wrong in getting your skin to the tone it actually is behind all that pollution and skin damage!



Laser Treatments

Laser treatments are a bliss on Earth and they can be used to do almost anything. If you have a hair problem on your face, this is your best friend!


La Bonne Paris Treatments

No one else in Lahore brings La Bonne Paris to you, and that’s a joy on its own. Feel the magic of La Bonne products and you’ll never use anything else.



Hydroxy Facials

If you need your skin to be rejuvenated, there’s nothing better than a Hydorxy facial! Not only will it keep your skin hydrated, but make you look younger than ever!



Double Chin Treatments

Nothing annoys more than a double chin that refuses to go away. Well, fortunately that is where a double chin removal producer comes through!



Thread Face Lift

Thread face lifts are considered the biggest feat of cosmetic procedures, and believe us they do work like magic. Get ready to be 10 years younger!


Laser Body Hair Removal

Gone are the days of using a razor when you have lasers to come to your rescue!



Stretch Marks Treatment

Those dreaded stretch marks have nowhere to hide now! Get rid of those annoying marks in a few sittings, and don’t forget to thank us!


Check out more at Dr. Nabeel Asghar’s Instagram page here.


Which cosmetic procedure do you appreciate the most? Tell us in the comment section below.


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