Zindagi Tamasha faces hindrance in it’s release, Sarmad Khoosat pens an open letter to the government

Sarmad Khoosat has been eagerly promoting his film Zindagi Tamasha as the release date comes closer. The film won The Kim Ji-seok Award at the Busan International Film Festival and is expected to release on 24th January, however, some people are trying to scuttle it after the trailers were shared.

Taking to Twitter, Sarmad Khoosat shared an open letter penned to the government explaining how the movie had been cleared for release by all 3 censor boards but is now being stopped from release because of bullying from a certain group:

The tweet went viral on social media and the netizens fame forward to extend their support to Sarmad Khoosat, his team and his film:

People were calling it an unfortunate event:

People were supporting Sarmad whole heartedly:

People urged that we let the culture industry grow:

Some suggested that Sarmad looks into other mediums for release:

People were tagging Imran Khan, urging him to take action:

Fellow colleagues too came forward to support him:

Sad news indeed:

Ali Gul Pir shared his 2 cents:

Some thought it was because we as a society were scared to see our own truth being shown:

He absolutely does:

Some raised very valid points:

People were disappointed:

People wanted it to stop:

People were hurt:

Time will tell:

About time we stop masking the truths:

Please 💔

Some had lost hope:

What do you think about the release of the film being stopped? Let us know in the comments below!

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