Zara Shahjahan thinks rich people suffer too but the internet thinks otherwise


Designer Zara Shahjahan started a thread on twitter sharing how life has been hard for the rich after the inflation in hopes to get to know the harsh realities that the poor face in Pakistan:


But the thread really didn’t go the way she expected it to go because we know how sarcastic the the Pakistani twitter is:


Oh damn, French cheese!


Some were also sad how the prices of their favorite cars went up:


Nutella ko bhi nahi chhora:


But people had alternatives for Nutella too!


McDonalds, why you do this?




Many pointed out towards the price point of her dresses:


People were concerned for their maids:


Roti and caviar?


People were sad that they couldn’t change their LEDs to OLEDs:


Petition for new roads for our Mercedes Benz:


People were with her:


People were sad how they can’t go to Europe as often as they used to to de-stress themselves:


People were even tagging Imran Khan for the problems the rich are facing:


Many people advised thetweet be deleted, but it was too late…


Even Pringles? * cries *


People thought the tweet was showng her rich privilege:


Now it’s all sweaty in the bathroom:


Life really is hard:




Some came to her defense because people were trolling her for being an elitist:


Some couldn’t quite understand what she was trying to say:


Some didn’t even bother writing anything because the comments spoke for themselves 😂


Oh, Zara really didn’t see this coming:

After being trolled with hundreds of comments, Zara finally realized how her tweet might have sounded elitist and she accepted her mistake. We stan a diva who accepts her mistake:

She sure learned her lesson!


What do you think about Zara’s take on inflation? Let us know in the comments below!

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