Yuvraj, Harbhajan face backlash for supporting Shahid Afridi’s charity work!

People all around the world are supporting each other by donating as much as they can to the people affected by the lock down. Shahid Afridi too appealed to everyone to support his campaign to fight the global pandemic.

Many celebrities showed their support and helped spread the word including the Indian cricketers Yuvraj Singh and Harbhajan Singh:

As their tweets went viral, Shahid Afridi thanked both of them for their support:

And Indian twitter was ablaze with hate against Harbhajan Singh and Yuvraj Singh after their tweets, Harbhajan Singh however, deleted his tweet after the backlash but Yuvraj Singh did not delete the tweet and kept trending in India under the hashtag #ShameOnYuviBhajji and people were furious!

Both the cricketers lost a number of followers and were being heavily trolled after which Yuvraj Singh took to Twitter to share how the message was blown out of proportion:

And Shahid Afridi stood in solidarity with them:

Harbhajan Singh, however, took a different approach to things and tweeted out a video of him scoring huge sixes against Shahid Afridi’s bowling:

And while the tweet was an attempt to win back his followers, but the damage was done:

And while he was already being trolled by the Indian social media, Shoaib Akhtar too threw in a savage reply for Harbhajan Singh sharing a clip of Shahid Afridi hitting 4 consecutive sixes to Harbhajan Singh:

And the internet was blown away with a comeback so savage!

For sure!

Absolutely not!

People were living for it!

Jo baat hai:

Pindi boy just won the internet with this come back:

Emotional attyachaar 😂

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