‘Your Reviews Can Wait,’ Fahad Mustafa Tells Bloggers & People Have A Lot To Say!

Whenever a movie comes out, people often look at the reviews before they invest their time and money watching the movie. And same is the case with the recent release of Khel Khel Mein which gathered mixed reviews.

And Fahad Mustafa has a little something to say to the people giving these reviews:

And people have a lot to say!

Fashion journalist Maliha Rehman shared her take on Fahad’s stance:

Journalist Aamna Isani also responded to Fahad Mustafa:

People wanted to watch good films:

People wanted to know why Lollywood should be treated differently:

People believed that the industry needed support in making good films:

There were disagreements:

People were sharing how they didn’t see any blogger asking people to not watch the movie:

Shots were fired!

People had questions:

People wanted the industry to support people as well:

People wanted him to know the purpose of reviews:

People believed that mediocrity cannot to be tolerated in the name of support:

People agreed with him:

People were sharing how the movie was a great watch:

What do you think about Fahad Mustafa’s stance on holding off the reviews? Let us know in the comments below!

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