Wife Makes Roti, Husband Helps: Old Tradition From Chitral Leaves Netizens Divided!

There’s no perfect formula to a happy marriage, it’s different for everyone and takes time and patience to make it work.

In an attempt to build mutual understanding, an old tradition from Chitral saw the light of the internet as a couple’s video went viral:

And people were divided, some found the tradition to be beautiful:

Some agreed how marriages thrive with mutual cooperation:

People were quoting other traditions from Chitral:

People were loving the bond!

People also elaborated on how this was not a normal wheat roti and how flipping it perfectly is difficult:

It sure is!

People found it to be wholesome:

It is:


Same 🤭

Say Mashallah!

People didn’t want the tradition to die:

Wish someone could hype us up like her:

Men were ready seeing the amount of help required:

Middle ground for the win?

And while some found it to be perfectly alright, others weren’t too impressed!

Shots were fired:

What do you think of this tradition? Let us know in the comments below!

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