Why we need more people like Nadia Jamil to make the world a better place

In a world full of evil, angels like Nadia Jamil are rare to find. And if you follow her on twitter, you will always find her to be very positive and always trying to make a difference for the children. Nadia shared in a tweet how the kids she had been mentoring like a mother had applied to Hasan Abdal Cadet College and how she was so proud of her boys!

And people were inspired and moved:

It was the best thing people had seen all day:

Some told her how she was an angel:

But for Nadia the kids were the real angels:

People shared that if everyone could do a little something that Nadia was doing then every kid would be educated:

It was heartwarming for many:

An exemplary Pakistani woman for sure!

Even Fakhr-e-Alam expressed how Nadia always inspires him:

Nadia also shared how this was something that everyone should do for the kids:

It sure is:


People were lauding her for her kindness:

People were moved:

They definitely will read about her in the history books, this woman is no ordinary woman!

Many wanted to be just like her:

People had nothing but kind words to offer:

I wish we all could:

Many admitted how it was the best thing they’d seen all day:

Some came forward to share similar stories of them mentoring children:

Someone suggested that she makes her on Youtube channel to educate others on how to help these children:

Be the change you wish to see:

And while many were appreciating her gesture, there were some who thought it was a gimmick for popularity and umm, we’re looking for logic here:

But Nadia shared how she was just a proud mum sharing her son’s achievements and how it could inspire others too:

Nadia also went to tweet how people can find the ugly in almost everything:

And this is exactly why we all can pick a little something from Nadia Jamil and try helping the children around us in whatever capacity we can. Here’s to hoping that more and more people learn from her!

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