Vlogger Alyne made a video on Pakistan and it did not go as expected!

A lot of foreign vloggers have been coming to Pakistan and making vlogs in an attempt to promote tourism. Alyne who goes by the page ‘Dear Alyne’ made a vlog on Pakistan as a part of her ‘The $100 show:’

The Most AFFORDABLE Adventure?

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Posted by Dear Alyne on Tuesday, November 19, 2019


And while many people were loving it, others were a little disappointed:


She did!


People were finding it ugly and exploitive:


People were just not having it:


Many wanted the tourism industry to develop properly:


Shots were fired!




Exploiting us is NOT cool:


Many were pissed:


Many thought there are better ways to promote tourism:


Some thought the video was romanticizing poverty:


People were finding the video to be sad:






But there were many who were loving the video and Alyne’s efforts to promote tourism:


Some were confused at the way others were reacting to it:


Many found it to be heart warming:


People were sharing the video with their friends in other countries:


People were living for it:


This isn’t the first video Alyne’s made about Pakistan, here are a few more she’s made before:

The Switzerland of Asia:


What did you think about the video? Let us know in the comments below!

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