Video Of A Man Beating His Old Mother Over Property Goes Viral & People Are Shocked, Disturbed & Angry!

Everyday something or the other goes viral on the internet, but today, a shocking video of a son beating his mother over property and cash is circulating all over social media, breaking everyone’s heart:

The video was shared by Zoobia Meer, whose mother was being beaten by his brother and according to her, the police released her brother an hour after they filed the FIR and the man has now run away:

And the netizens are furious, shocked and heartbroken all at once:

We hope so too 😔

People wanted an example to be made out of the man:

Even we couldn’t watch the whole video, it was too heart breaking:

The video had people in tears:



People were shocked:

People were calling it Qayamat:

People wanted to see him behind bars asap!


People couldn’t believe what they had seen:

People were calling it unacceptable!

People were praying for the mother:


Some had Pakistani dramas to blame:

What do you think about the video? Let us know in the comments below!

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