Unn Ki Taraf Say By Hadiq Kiani: A Melodic Sufi Euphoria

Hadiqa Kiani is unquestionably the best female vocalist in Pakistani music, a living icon who ranks among the best singers in Pakistan’s history.

In the Pakistani music industry, Hadiqa Kiani is regarded as a prodigy due to her captivating melodies. Ever since her debut in 1995, Kiani’s alluring vocals have captivated listeners across generations, creating a lasting impression on the nation’s music, cinema, and drama industry and garnering her a devoted global fan base. Kiani’s songs are immensely entrancing, as seen by the smooth shifts in her vocal range from delicate and beautiful to powerful and authoritative.

An Unforgettable Discography:

Although “Unn Ki Taraf Say” is the most recent release in Kiani’s illustrious musical career, her repertoire includes other famous songs that have struck a chord with listeners generations over. Kiani’s career, which includes the soul-stirring “Kamli” and the entrancing “Kamli Da Dhola,” is proof of her versatility as a performer and her capacity to work across genres. A seamless symphony of sound that enthralls the senses and stirs the spirit, each song is a journey into itself, fusing pop, folk, and classical musical components.

Kamli, Kamli Da Dhola,Rung, Bhit Ja, Janay Iss Dil, which is still popular on TikTok, Daachi, and Chaap Tilak are some of her former Sufi hits.


The Magic That is Unn Ki Taraf Say :

Her latest release, the mysterious and magical sufi song “Unn ki Taraf Say,” is emblematic and moving. Through her enchanting vocals set against the backdrop of a beautiful setting, Kiani enthralls the audience in the video.

Moreover, her voice possesses an inherent power that cuts through the air like a knife through butter. Singing “Unn Ki Taraf Say”, her latest rendition of Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s qawwali, she transports the audience to a realm of pure musical bliss. With every hum and cadence, Kiani’s voice soars to new heights, astounding listeners with her unparalleled skill and class.


Honoring The Legacy Of Khan Sahab:

At the core of “Unn Ki Taraf Say” is a deep respect for Ustad Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s musical legacy. Kiani honors the maestro’s brilliance with each note she sings, bringing his spirit to her own performance and ensuring that his impact will endure for many more years. Through Ustad Dildaar Hussain Khan Sahab’s exquisite harmonium and tabla playing, Kiani’s performance of “Unn Ki Taraf Say” demonstrates the timeless ability of music to transcend both place and time.

She inspires listeners to delve into the complex web of Sufi poetry and philosophy, exploring themes of love, longing, and divine connection with every note.

The listeners are left speechless and overcome with emotions through this surreal tribute which leaves them in utter admiration. For Hadiqa Kiani, this may just be another flawlessly performed Sufi song, but for us it is also an evidence of her ongoing influence as one of Pakistan’s most cherished musical icons.


 A Musical and Visual Treat:

Visionary Abdullah Haris’s captivating music video for “Unn Ki Taraf Say” goes perfectly with the song’s soul-stirring lyrics. Haris captures the essence of Kiani’s songs through his camera, vividly illustrating love and sorrow against a stunning backdrop. Every scene is a unique piece of art that flawlessly accentuates the song’s rich emotional range.

The Team behind a Masterpiece:

A group of gifted people who work behind the scenes to support Hadiqa Kiani are essential in influencing her musical path. Among them is her brother, renowned music producer Irfan Kiani, whose expertise and direction have been crucial to Kiani’s career. Together, they have created a sound that is both classic and contemporary, broadening the reach of Pakistani music and enthralling listeners all around the world. Beyond production, Irfan’s contributions are invaluable because of his skill with the harmonium, which gives Kiani’s captivating compositions a more profound depth.


With the release of “Unn Ki Taraf Say” on Sufiscore, fans everywhere can now fully immerse themselves in the splendor of Hadiqa Kiani’s music. Whether you’ve been a fan of hers for a while or are just getting started, “Unn Ki Taraf Say” is sure to captivate you and give you a peek inside the mind and soul of one of Pakistan’s most celebrated singers. So sit back, close your eyes, and allow Hadiqa Kiani’s mesmerizing melody to take you on a journey of spirituality, longing, and love.

You can experience the magic here:

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