Umsha by Uzma Babar Gives an Ode to Bridal Dreams With ‘Khwab’ at HBCW ’19

As the final day of the 2019 edition of the Hum Bridal Couture Week concluded on a high note on Sunday night, it remained fully star-studded to the brim as a myriad of couturiers and designers showcased the best they had on offer. Amongst them all, a few shined extra-bright, and a brand like Umsha by Uzma Babar glimmered in complete resplendence.

Showcasing their collection, Khwab, the designer chose to explore the idea of the big fat Pakistani wedding through the hopes and dreams of the bride who chooses to make her big day about the best she can get – and hence, chooses a designer like Uzma, who could make her dreams come true.

The collection, which looked at the bridal trousseau as the perfect inspiration to bring each and every variation of an ensemble for the blushing bride ranging from a Shaadi to a Valima, showcased extravagant silhouettes and textures classically done in a colour palette of contemporary silvers, affluent gold’s, popular pastels, and flamboyant reds.

Adding on the magic of the colour palette and silhouettes, it multiplied tenfold when actress, Sana Javed, walked out as the showstopper for the event.

“BCW has been a premier bridal event since its inception and HUM TV does a wonderful job,” the designer told Diva at the event. “We’ve been a part of it since 2013 and it’s like a home ground for us. It’s a wonderful experience backstage and front, and we look forward to doing this show every year.”

In the truest of all realities, Umsha as a brand has definitely considered the BCW runway its home ground and thus, each year their collection is able to stand out from the crowd with utmost comfortability. There’s an effortless panache in Khwab, and as the name says, it truly is an ode to the dreams of every bride to be by Uzma Babar as she has put up a collection with an extreme dedication which can fulfil the longings of a bride.

If you’re looking for a bridal collection that is replete with tradition and silhouettes that can be a Khwab for the bride, then this aspirational collection with a soul and a purpose by Uzma is what should be considering!

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