This YouTube Channel Makes Pakistani Tribal People React To Western Snacks and It’s Downright Entertaining!

React videos have been all the rage on social media for a while now and today, such videos have turned into YouTube gold! Taking on this trend, many in Pakistan have started such channels as well, where ‘reacting’ to a certain concept of culture makes for entertaining content, including Reactisan – which has taken the idea a notch above!

Bringing this idea to the tribal and rural people of the country, Reactistan has quite interesting made the east meet the west with their reaction videos!  From making a myriad of rural people from all provinces of Pakistan try coffee for the first time to making them understand what Tacos are, the videos definitely have us hooked!

But which ones did we love the most? Diva has the lowdown…


This Reaction To An American Breakfast

From getting puzzled from seeing such a hefty breakfast to enjoying the tastes, the reactions show how they all look at the word ‘America’ itself.

This Reaction To Nutella

Nutella may be a trend we all have come to love, but it’s still a different experience for many in the country!

This Reaction To Trying Burgers

A burger is way more difficult to understand it seems than one would think!

This Reaction Italian Cuisine

What could be more Pakistan than thinking Italian food doesn’t have chilli or salt!

This Reaction To Understanding What A Doughnut Is

Do we eat it or look through it? Well, whatever it is, who wouldn’t eat it!

This Reaction To Sashimi

We bet so many could relate with the reactions here! Enough said!

This Reaction To What An Irish Breakfast Is

A farmer’s breakfast it may be, but could it satisfy our tribals?


Check out more such videos on their YouTube channel here.

  1. I love watching these wonderful people trying new foods but I would enjoy it more if the producers could teach them more about what it is they are eating. Maybe you could show them pictures of how it is made and what the ingredients are. Pull some pictures or videos up from google. It would be great to see how they react. They are very untrusting of other cultures that is very sad, because millions of other people love them…

  2. Can’t stop watching these videos. I love the characters and reactions to the different foods😊 would like to know more about each tribal person what their spouses look like, do they have children… makes it all more interesting.
    Do they get payed?
    Keep the videos coming, I’ll keep watching. Thank you!😁 Sandra

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