This spin on rishta aunties has everyone wishing they had one too!

Mrs. Khan who? A girl on Twitter just gave us the most amazing idea of what a rishta aunty should be like:

And the internet is absolutely loving the idea!

Khalas saving the day since forever:

Results guaranteed!

Some took it as a profession:

Some even had a fitting name, Farishta Aunty 😂

Some were already picturing a show on it:

Ab itna toh kar hi sakte ho yar:

Some even decided a name for it:

People were considering it as a back up plan:

Breaking the stereotypes with a rishta uncle:

Us older cousins have been doing it for years now:

People were sharing how they’ve seen people do this:

Koi dhandha chhota bara nai hota:

Some actually offered to help with suggestions:

Some had alternate plans:

Main bhi:

Yar 😭

Look around:

Some had more of a help yourself kind of approach:

What do you think about this new spin on a rishta aunty? Let us know in the comments below!

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