This guy made almost gol rotis to get a rishta, kya apko larka qubool hai?

In a society where girls are typically judged by their complexion and roti-making skills, this guy is breaking stereotypes with his almost perfect roti making skills!

And like most girls, he’s worried that the rotis aren’t good enough to get a rishta, but the internet thinks otherwise:

Jo baat hai:

Some were hopeful and encouraging:

Even the guys were giving in their opinion:

Senator Sherry wasn’t impressed:


As long as its a roti, we’ll have them happily too!

Fellow men were hyping him up:

Some got very real:

Best piece of advice though:

They sure do!

Kuch ne toh direct taanay hi dediye:

Some were really critical:

A steal!

Some men thought he was making it difficult for them to get a rishta:

Sad, but true:

What do you guys think about the rotis? Let us know in the comments below!

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