The internet just can’t stop making #KifayatQuotes memes and they’re absolutely hilarious

Mufti Kifayatullah believes that Jemima and Vicky from Wikileaks are cousins, and the internet’s got no chill, the hashtag #KifayatQuotes has been trending all over social media:

And people are coming up with the funniest memes!

Diesel for the win!

Usain Bolt too was exposed:



Sunny days call for sunny memes:


The resemblance is uncanny:

Kumkum ke mele mei?

Mughal chalay gaye, magar Maryam ko chorr gaye:

Uh huh…

Thank you Raheel Shareef:

Of course they are:

Not a very good representation of the brand though:

It’s a crazy world:

The important question:

Oh yar 😂

There were theories:



We bet:

Which meme did you love the best? Let us know in the comments below!

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