This girl thinks Pakistan will never see people minding their own business and the internet agrees!

It’s never a dull day on the internet, and especially if you’re a desi, there’s a lot to rant about! A girl on Twitter shared what she thinks are 4 things that we’ll never see in Pakistan:

And while the internet had its reservations at the first 3 things, the netizens unanimously agreed to the 4th thing!

If only it was this simple:

Here’s to all the Al-Baik fans:

Oof, shots were fired!


Some kept adding to the list:

Haha, see the thing is that you just can’t see him:

VPN zindabad!

Let’s say there wasn’t a lot of hope:

Some were glad the first 3 weren’t available here:

Also known as make up heaven…

Her maslay ka jugaar hai humare pas:

Some were really hyping their friends up:

Yar tweet-chori ka bhi koi solution nikaalo!

The shade!

Do you think the younger lot to come will actually mind their own business? Let us know in the comments below!

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