This girl shared how her father helped her reading and the internet can’t stop relating to it!

Fathers are our very first superheroes and honestly, the only superheroes we need in our lives! This girl on Twitter shared a picture of her book and how her dad would write down the meanings of difficult words to spare her the work of going through a dictionary for meanings:

Her father’s gesture has been winning the internet with almost everyone relating to it!

May our parents live the happiest lives:

Her father was inspiring many to be like him:

Oof, tashreeh ke zamaanay!

It sure is!

Fathers ❤



Go and hug your father right now!

Agreed, the most heart warming thing we’ve come across today!

Mama karein ya baba it’s the sentiment that matters:

It had people missing their dads:


Hahaha, how many of you can relate to this?

What’s one very fond memory you have of your dad? Let us know in the comments below!

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