This girl just described the beauty standards in Pakistan and a lot of people can relate!

We live in a world where external beauty is everything, and when it comes to us desis, complexion is the ultimate measure of beauty. A girl on Twitter shared what she thinks is the definition of beauty in Pakistan:

And people from all walks of life could relate to her tweet:


Many agreed with her:

Some kept adding to the list:


Haha, because you’re a man, Arsalan:

It very much is:


Some were sharing the thing they’ve heard first hand:

Some shared how these standards don’t matter to them anymore:

The saddest way to ask if anyone’a fair:

People from India could relate to it as well:

Silky, straight and shiny!

Because “mard ke dil ka rasta pait se jata hai:”

Jo baat hai:

Some wanted to be the first step to change:

Some had the list altered to their own taste:

I think we should go to Mars:

Some were genuinely confused at people thinking fair is beautiful:

Do you agree with her tweet? Are these really the true standards of beauty? Let us know in the comments below!

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