This Girl Is Appalled Knowing That People Above 25 Don’t Know Who Falak Shabir Was Until Yesterday!

Back in the days when life was good and we used to have good music playing on our channels, singer Falak Shabbir was a household name after his hit debut song ‘Rog,’ and yesterday after he got engaged fo Sarah Khan, people were clueless about who he is!

And the internet was appalled!

He sure did!

Sir, stop!

Some discovered him later!

Omg, it was such an iconic trend!

Same, even my sister stands clueless!

Yaaas girl, you’ve got your life together!


Hah, good times!

Some were, umm, annoyed!



No, and no.

Be attentive, guys!

And just in case you still don’t remember, here’s the song that had people going crazy!

Did you know who Falak was pre-engagement or are you just finding out? Let us know in the comments below!

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