This Girl Beat The Men Who Were Filming Her, Got Them Arrested & People Are Proud Of Her!

The past few weeks have been very difficult with abducted-and-raped cases on the rise involving women and minors.

When a girl went to buy a new wifi device, 2 sick men started recording her from behind without her consent which qualifies as harassment, and instead of just letting it go(like girls are normally told to do so), she actually beat the shit out the 2 men involved and made sure they learnt their lesson after she got them arrested. Both the men are now in jail. And that’s what we call a real life Cheeti:

After her friend posted the incident online, people are so proud of her!


People wanted to know how she beat him up:

And her friend was more than happy to share:

Us too!


Some were shocked to learn that one of the guys was a security guard:

People were aplauding her:

People wanted all girls to be courageous like her:

Yaaaas, queeeeens!

Yes please, we’ve gotta watch our own backs!


Some thought breaking a bone or two would have served them right:

Her friend also wanted other girls to take cues from this and stand up for themselves:

We love a girl who stands for herself! Do you? Let us know in the comments below!

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