This chacha ji is winning the internet with the most wholesome cat video you’ll come across today!

We’re all cat people deep inside and we know it! Recently a video has been going viral all over social media of a man trying to help a scared cat jump from the roof:

And the internet is melting ❤

People were narrating the importance of taking care of animals:

So glad to see there were more people like this man:

It sure is:

Not all heroes wear capes:

People were moved by the gesture:

Haha 😂

The kind of wholesome content we want to see:



Ours too!

Haha, some were turning it into a meme:


People were sending prayers for chacha ji:

Us too!

Some were keenly observing his squats:

Faith in humanity restored:

Any idea why?

What do you think about this heart warming gesture? Let us know in the comments below!

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