Things take a turn for good as Saad and Dua’s friendship comes to a pause in Ehd e Wafa!

Ehd e Wafa is a favourite all around the country, the friendship, the journey, the training and the struggle, everyone can relate to one thing or another. Last night’s episode took a then for good as Saad and Dua put their friendship on hold to focus on their respective careers and the internet has been loving it!

Watching our favourite boys grow fills us with so much gratitude!

Not all doctors are the same:

Raheel is the new ‘mohallay ki nosey aunty:’

A lesson for all the kids and parents indeed:

Rani toh phir jaan hai na!


Jo baat hai:

Last night’s episode motivated many:

Yaar 😂

Every dad should be the same:

Agaya hai Gulzar ka daur:


Sabr ka phhal meetha hota hai dost:

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