These Upcoming Dramas Are Soon To Hit Your TV Screens!

We’re in love with the Ramzan transmissions and the dose of comic dramas that it’s given us! And while we’ll miss the Ramzam special programs, we’re also excited for new dramas that are about to begin shortly after Ramzan. Here’s everything we’re excited for to air:

1. Neeli Zinda Hai – ARY Digital


ARY’s new venture is unlike any drama you’ve seen before. Exploring the suspense thriller/horror genre, Neeli Zinda Hai is all set to have us glued to our TV screens as we witness Urwa Hocane as Neeli along with Mohib Mirza and Sonia Mishal among others!


2. Yaar Na Bichhray – HUM TV

Featuring Zain Baig, Zhalay Sarhadi and Zainab Shabbir, the teasers for Yaar Na Bichray have us roped in for an intense love story!


3. Azmaish – ARY Digital

Yashma Gill is back with a role we think no one else could have done better! She’s been stealing the show in all the teasers so far and we can’t help but get impatient for Azmaish!


4. Aakhir Kab Tak – HUM TV

With the teasers not giving much, Aakhir Kab Tak features Ushna Shah, Srha Asghar and Azfar Rehman and hints of an intense story that’ll keep us on the edge!


5. Mujhay Wida Kar – ARY Digital

A story of two friends with varying aspirations and ideals of love and marriage are met with the realities of life when it comes to their partner! Featuring Madiha Imam, Saboor Aly and Muneeb Butt, a pairing never seen before, we’re excited to see how the story unfolds!

Which drama are you most excited for? Let us know in the comments below!

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