These Pakistani 4th Graders Just Got Their Questions Answered By NASA, And It’s Wholesome!

Pakistani twitter got to witness one of the most wholesome happenings on the app today. A Twitter user, Aimun, actually used the app to help space scientists and astronauts to answer questions her 4th graders had for them:

Fascinated by space sciences, she encouraged her students to write down the questions they’d want to be answered by NASA. The kids are also planning a field trip to NASA and while we hope that happens soon, here’s how this teacher made her students’ proud!

An actual space station came to the rescue!

One after another, all questions were answered:

People tried helping in every possible way:

The questions made it to Reddit too, where people actually working at NASA answered their questions:

And people were lauding Aimun and the passion she has for educating her students:

People were over the moon to see it all happen:

Everyone deserves a teacher like her:

People were sending her love and prayers:

We stan!

People were calling it the peak of Pakistani twitter:

People were excited to see how her students react:

People were loving her for the wholesome-ness!



Amen to that!


She reminded people of Ms. Honey from Matilda:

People couldn’t thank her enough:

Spot on:

We absolutely need more teachers like Aimun:

Isn’t this the most wholesome thing you’ve come across today? Let us know in the comments below!

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