The Uber – Careem Merger Receives Mixed Responses From their Audience

Uber buying Careem? Wait, what???

Undoubtedly, this could be termed as the most unexpected merger of 2019. Starting from the rumours to the final announcement. This merger was a nail biting experience for Pakistanis. It created the utmost curiosity everywhere just like India vs Pakistan matches.

And you can always count on Twitter to bring you A class banter and fresh memes, no matter what the issue. And we’re here to share the internet’s reaction at its best.

Qubool Hai


The Loyal Fan

Memes, memes & endless memes

A little bit of a rant and some real happiness

Hopeless lovers

We’re not sure sweetheart

Your typical college romance


And then came the final words from the King:

The merger is definitely exciting news, even though Careem plans to run independently, it will help Pakistan’s economic growth. A lot of people were upset that this merger has put an end to the competition between Uber and Careem, but let’s not judge too soon and wait for what this merger has to bring to the table. We wish them luck, love and tons of support, because they make our daily travel easier and comfortable.


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