The Number Game: 15 Most Followed Pakistani Stars on Instagram!

Are you a brilliant actor? Great. You have awards too? Outstanding. But, do you have the followers to back it up? If not, then guess what? You’re not who people are loving on the ‘gram! That’s right. In the age where social media has trumped just about everything else, it is the currency which celebrities across the world are known through!

And of course, our stars are no different.

With millions of followers, likes and engagement bannering their existence, celebs have the fame status never imagined before – and no one’s clearly complaining! But amidst them all, who really are the ones standing right on top in Pakistan this year?

Diva explores…


Ayeza Khan  – 13.2 Million Followers

With a staggering 13.2 million followers, Ayeza Khan reigns supreme on Instagram among the stars!  She’s undoubtedly kept a family-friendly homely image and that’s made her a huge name for those who follow TV avidly!  Be it Mere Paas Tum Ho or Pyarey Afzal, it has all lead to her instagram numbers swelling up like nobody’s business!  If you want family moments, fashion-forward looks, and candid shots that give fans a glimpse into her everyday life, then you can get it all here.


Aiman Khan – 11.7 Million Followers

With 11.7 million followers, Aiman Khan has long been in the race for being the most followed. Known for her bubbly and friendly personality, she has created a niche for herself in the world of Pakistani showbiz. It wouldn’t be wrong to call her one of the pioneers of making it big on tv because of her social media presence, and it seems many have followed suit. Aiman’s Instagram is a mix of personal moments and tons of adorable images of her family life – which keeps her relatability and authenticity at the top! 


Sarah Khan – 11 Million Followers

Now here’s one with a surprisingly high followers number! With 11 million followers, Sarah Khan is no stranger to the Instagram spotlight.  She has a knack for connecting with her audience and her Instagram presence reflects that. Her feed is a mix of sweet moments with husband Falak Shabir, striking fashion choices, and candid glimpses into her life. It’s her down-to-earth charm and the affection she shares with her husband that keeps fans engaged and following in droves!


Mahira Khan – 10.6 Million Followers

She may be the reigning queen with the critics, but with fans, she’s number 4. But that’s still a win-win when you have a whopping 10.6 million followers! Be it all those beautiful shaadi moments we have seen recently or her instant connection with her fans, Mahira Khan is an enduring star in the South Asian entertainment industry, with numbers to prove it. Mahira’s Instagram is a testament to her grace and elegance, and we feel her posts exude sophistication. With her, it’s not just about the numbers but about the timeless quality of her presence!


Iqra Aziz – 10.4 Million Followers

Bright, chirpy and the proud recipient of love from 10.4 million followers, Iqra Aziz is the epitome of a star people love on Instagram! Her noteworthy performances in dramas like Suno Chanda and Jhooti have earned her a loyal fan base and there’s no doubt that we’ll be seeing her numbers go up even more. Iqra’s Instagram reflects a mix of adorable moments with her husband, Yasir Hussain, and her evolving fashion sense. Her rapid rise to stardom is mirrored in her follower count, and it’s a testament to her immense talent!


Hania Amir – 10.3 Million Followers

Love her or hate her, but you can’t ignore her. Hania Amir, with 10.3 million followers, is a free spirit who has made her mark in Pakistani showbiz and films with a bang. Her Instagram is a reflection of her carefree personality, filled with fun adventures, fashion experimentation, and many candid moments. Hania’s followers admire her for her down-to-earth approach to fame and the way she brings her uniquely unapologetic personality to the forefront!


Sajal Aly – 10 Million Followers

Another star whose fans love to know each and everything about them, Sajal Aly, with her 10 million followers, is a true insta sensation. Known for her powerful performances in dramas like Yakeen Ka Safar and Alif in the recent past, Sajal has carved a niche for herself where fans have increasingly become obsessed with her charisma. Her Instagram is a window into her life, filled with captivating fashion choices and heartfelt moments that make her uniquely, Sajal!


Minal Khan – 9.9 Million Followers

One of the OGs of Instagram along with her twin, Aidan Khan, Minal with 9.9 million followers is known to keep it happening with her undeniable charm on social media. Her Instagram showcases her glamorous side, often seen in tandem with her twin sister, Aiman Khan, and her beau! Minal’s journey is intriguing, but her posts keep fans coming back for a daily dose of glamour, sibling love and everything in between! 


Kinza Hashmi – 8.5 Million Followers

Now here’s another name whose following shows her rapid rise of stardom! Kinza Hashmi, with 8.5 million followers, might not be the most talked-about name, but her Instagram presence is undeniable and increasingly popular. Known for her roles in dramas like Dil Awaiz and Ruposh, this understated star is proving that she has all the right ingredients to make it to the top. Her Instagram is a blend of personal moments which really is showing us the essence of an artist on the rise!


Imran Abbas – 8.3 Million Followers

The first male actor to carve his niche in a sea of female actors with massive following, Imran Abbas, with 8.3 million followers is the heartthrob of Pakistani television it seems. Imran has a dedicated fan base that follows his every move on Instagram and has maintained it for quite a while now. His feed is a perfect blend of classic style, cinematic charisma, and glimpses into his personal life – which to this date, makes him the dreamy poster boy for many!


Sana Javed – 8.3 Million Followers 

Whether it’s controversy or her great acting skills, Sana Javed, has been spoken about for it all on social media! With 8.3 million followers, her presence is quite a strong one as well. Her performances in dramas like Khaani and Ruswai still have people talking and have earned her a special place in the hearts of viewers. Sana’s Instagram is an ode to her fashion moments and all that she loves. With her, it’s all abut Sana and her fans wouldn’t want it any other way! 


Yumna Zaidi – 8.2 Million Followers

Given her mega popularity in the recent years, we would think she’d be in the top 3 at least, but Yumna Zaidi, with 8.2 million followers, is surprisingly on number 12!  With every drama and performance, she has captured the audience’s hearts, and her rapidly rising numbers on social media are proof of that. Her Instagram offers a mix of personal moments, unique fashion, and glimpses into her vibrant personality that has her fans hooked. Yumna’s journey is inspiring, and her loyal followers celebrate her ability to transform into diverse on-screen characters!

Mawra Hocane – 8.2 Million Followers

Another name who was probably the first few celebs in Pakistan to get to the 1 million followers milestone back in the day, Mawra Hocane has been a strong presence on social media for a while. With 8.2 million followers, Mawra Hocane boasts a Bollywood connection and dramas under her belt which make her a loved name and she’s not stopping any time soon! Mawra’s Instagram reflects her dynamic personality, often showcasing her evolving style and glimpses into her journey in the entertainment industry!

Feroze Khan – 8 Million Followers 

You either love his instagram presence and what it’s all about or question it, but there’s no way you haven’t seen it. With 8 million followers, Feroze Khan is known for his transition from a charming bad boy on screen to a more personal journey oriented profile on the ‘gram. His Instagram is a combination of personal moments with his son, reflecting his journey from the reel world to real, and often what he finds relevant to talk about. It’s this engagement with his fans which keeps him in the top 15!


Hira Mani – 7.7 Million Followers

Controversy’s favourite child, Hira Mani has long used social media as a tool to make her a household name, and for the most part is has worked like magic. Her acting skills combined with her moments with her family and husband, make Hira’s Instagram one of the most followed and discussed. Her fans are loyal to her and in the end, that’s all that matter in making this one super popular!


Which of these stars do you follow on Instagram? Tell us in the comments section below.




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