The new episode of Alif will surely touch your heart

If anything Alif has been pacing up and keeping it’s audience on edge as the plot is developing. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the episode aired today and here’s what the internet has to say!

Every episode comes with a lesson explained so beautifully:

The scene that had us waiting all week:

People were all praise for Umera Ahmed:

Momina is literally goals:

This dialogue honestly had us:

With a cast so stellar, we expect nothing less:

Oof, how tables turn:

Ain’t no one like Momina!

Character development on point:

So many realizations for Momin:

People were living for the cinematography:

No drama like Alif:

Jo baat hai:

Time will tell:

Little Momin stealing our hearts:

People couldn’t stop praising Hamza Ali Abbasi for his performance:

If only Momin knew how rich he was:

Same 😭

How did you like Alif today? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Not tomorrow’s episode but all the episodes, whole drama is a masterpiece and every episode of it touch our hearts and a what a extraordinary and talented cast, every single artist portrayed their character amazingly, this drama is beyond words and thinking,,give them all the awards already, how they make us think about ourselves, relationship between Allah and human, amazingggg, hatsoffff👏👏👏👏👏

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