The internet was down last night but the netizens were getting a kick out of it!


Count on us to turn everything into A plus meme material, be it the cricket banter or just the internet being down. The internet has been down for many users around the country as the major cables broke disrupting the internet connectivity in Pakistan.


It was a come and go situation for many, and guess what? The hashtag #InternetDown was the number 1 trend on Twitter:


And the people had a lot to say!




Not okay. Not. Okay.


Haha, fishy!


Bohat naazuk surat-e-haal hai:


Haye, wakhray gham!


Hum bhi thak gaye bhaisaab!


Rishtedaaron se milay 😂




Even PIA was suffering at the hands of the internet breakdown:


In loug ka bhi nai chal raha, toh chal kiska raha hai?


We prefer the internet:


Prayers for all the nibbas and nibbis out there!


Umm, no thanks:


Check karo Bhai!


If the word irony had a face:


Under-estimate na kiya karo bhai humain:


Machhliyon ki bhi khabar lenay waalay honay chahiyein!


Go spend your time with fam:


Some were asking the real questions:


Chalo kisi ne yaad toh kiya:


Bhookay thoyeinge:


Some had theories:


Some were going a little too wind with their theories:


People were angry:


Haha, awaam ke maslay:


Guys, please!


What did you do while the internet was down? Let us know in the comments below!

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