The internet stands divided after Dhoni was asked to remove the Balidan insignia


As the World Cup matches continue to take place and keep fans on the edge, M.S. Dhoni has been under controversy for having a Balidan insignia on his glove and the internet is just not ready to get over it. The ICC on Thursday requested the BCCI to have an insignia removed from M.S. Dhoni’s gloves, citing ICC regulations. And all hell broke loose!



For those of you who don’t know, the Balidan is a distinct insignia of India’s special forces, which form part of the Parachute Regiment and Dhoni is an honorary lieutenant colonel in India’s Parachute Regiment. According to ICC regulations, players can’t sport anything that is related to political, religious or racial activities or causes.


The hashtags #Dhoni and #DhoniKeepTheGlove have been trending on Twitter ever since the insignia was noticed!



Cricketer Sunil Gavaskar tried knocking some sense into the masses:


Exactly! It’s a game and not some battlefield





Well, rules are rules and meant to be followed ay the end of the day!


Someone sane, finally!


Yes, let’s just focus on the game!


Come on, now withdrawing from the tournament is a little too extreme, no?


Dhoni, keep the glove, for practice matches.


Ooof, that would have burnt so bad!


Someone even bought in the push-ups done by the Pakistani team:


But the fans got right back at him with actual FACTS




Yes sir!


But patriotism…


Exactly, where was Indian twitter when this issue was raised?


It’ll be the same Indian twitter triggered when that happens:


Some had wild ideas…


People also pointed out that England’s jersey is also problematic:


A Neeta Ambani fan account, came with an idea to keep the glove 😂


It won’t hurt to get rid of the logo, just saying…


Yes, yes and yes!


Like we said earlier, withdrawing is not the solution!


Haha, well said


Only the Indian media can do this!


One word: SAVAGE


Unfortunately, all media is the same with their messed up priorities:


And while there was some really sensible tweets from across the border, majority of the people were in support of M.S. Dhoni and even went ahead to start a trend #BoycottWorldCup


People were proud of Dhoni


Majority of the fans wanted him to keep the glove


Some were all praise for the things Dhoni has done in one go:


Some did their fair share of research and of course, Pakistan was all that worried them.


Many said that ICC should focus on better umpires rather than a glove


Ummm, someone tell him that this is not just a “logo” but our FLAG!


Some had questions:


Err, no one’s even trying to remove the love from his heart


What are your thoughts on this fiasco? Should players be allowed to wear such symbols on the field, or are they best avoided? Let us know in the comments below!




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  1. Rofl! This gave me a much needed laugh!
    And no nothing of such nature should be allowed on field… sports should be treated as sports and not a war zone (which we know very well Indians have a habit of doing) Rules should be the same for everyone and must be followed… no exceptions

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