The internet joins hands to bring justice to Rehan


A few days back in Karachi, a 16 year old boy named Rehan was accused of robbery and beaten to death in broad day light. According to police, two alleged robbers attempted to enter a bungalow near Kokan Ground in Bahadurabad. The bungalow’s owner and neighbors tied Rehan by his hands and beat him. A video circulating on social media showed the teenager tied to a grill with his pants taken off.


In reaction to the horrific incident, people on the internet joined hands to trend the hashtag #JusticeForRehan at number 1 on Twitter and demanded justice for the boy.


Mahira Khan was in disbelief:


Veena Malik wanted an example made out of the culprits:


Armeena Khan too shared how heart broken she was:


People were wondering how no one bothered to intervene:


Humanity is dead:


Mob justice is not justice and this nation needs to understand this:




Some were sharing surahs to be recited for the soul of the departed:


People reminded others how in Islam, the punishment for theft is cutting the hands off and NOT torturing to death:


People recalled the times when they met Rehan:


People wanted the culprits to be hanged:


People wanted nothing but jsutice for Rehan:


The tagline on his shirt left a big impact:


Many thought that the people who put Rehan in such a position are the ones to be punished:


Humanity costs nothing:


No one is above law:


This incident reminded some of the brothers Mughees & Muneeb who were lynched in Sialkot:


We at diva extend our support to the victim and his family and condemn this barbaric act, may justice be served and the culprits be punished.

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