The internet is losing it as a picture of Shahveer and Hareem goes viral!

Tik Tok star Hareem Shah has been in the news constantly, dealing with one controversy after another! A picture of Hareem Shah standing next to YouTuber Shahveer Jafri has been making rounds on social media:
The picture has gathered tons of attention from the netizens:

Some thought Shahveer is next in line to be exposed by Hareem:

Many thought that they looked like siblings:

Some fans were heart broken:

Some were in disbelief:

Some were blaming Hareem Shah for not being a good influence:

Personal attacks were made:

Honsla pls:

Some fans were just not having it:

People were captioning the picture with their favourite dialogues:

Some believed that Shahveer is going to expose Hareem:

And some wanted Shahveer to be cautious:

What do you think about the picture? Let us know in the comments below!

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